Floating House

sites part of development zones that are near to water

Floating House is a concept for future living. It promotes waterside living as a lifestyle choice, giving residents the enjoyment of living next to water without fearing the threat of flooding.

The house is a two-storey dwelling floating within a specially created natural habitat, made by cutting and filling the site. This habitat is conceived as a communal garden to compliment the private rooftop gardens and water level decking of each house. There are a variety of internal arrangements, from one- to three-bedroom homes, all within the same shell. The homes are clad in recycled expanded metal that catches and twinkles in the light, capturing the colours of the surrounding landscape. The cladding will weather over time, depending on the specific orientation and situation of the house, further integrating it into the habitat.

Floating House will change the narrative of the current conversation about living next to water.  It will promote a harmonious relationship with the natural environment,  and will promote enhancement of local ecology especially on reclaimed sites such as reclaimed gravel pits and waterside brownfield sites. There will be shared infrastructure for the community, including electric cars and bicycles, all carefully designed to minimise environmental impact and encourage pedestrian- and child-friendly areas.