Leicester Cathedral


We were asked by the City Council to prepare proposals for how the cathedral that houses the grave of Richard III could be extended.  Our solution was to locate a simple cube volume in place of the twentieth century extension to the cathedral and link this to the historic fabric with lightweight roofs and walls.  The form was articulated using the shapes and modules of the cathedral to create a modern yet respectful addition to the historic context.



1828_Leicester cath_IMG_8524_S 1828_Leicester cath_IMG_8513_S 1828_Leicester cath_IMG_8511_S 1828_Leicester cath_IMG_1431_S 1828_Leicester cath_Ground_RevB_S1828_Leicester cath_Mezzanine_RevB_S 1828_Leicester cath_First_RevB_S 1828_Leicester cath_Cathedral elevation_south_S1828_Leicester cath_Section with gallery_S1828_Leicester cath_tower view1_S